Inga Thordar, Executive Editor,
CNN Digital International 

We have worked closely with StudioMM on our very successful As Equals series here at CNN. We can hand on heart say that the project would not have had the same impact without the dedication, creativity and hard work that StudioMM have put in to it. We started with an editorial proposition that they crafted into a creative and smart concept that fitted the journalism we wanted to do and made it visually stand out in all formats on the platforms we were targeting – mainly mobile StudioMM are not only dedicated professional they are also wonderful people that makes them a joy to work with. We would love to work with StudioMM again – and hope it will be a continuous relationship.

Kelly Krause, Creative Director, 
StudioMM has it all: professionalism, creativity, top-notch design skills and technical know-how. It's not easy to find this combination. StudioMM went beyond the brief to create an amazing immersive experience for our audience. They delivered a gorgeous product - all we had hoped for and more - on schedule. Plus they are really lovely people to work with.

Jack Saunders, Art Director, 

Rapha Mondial Contains some of the most engaging and creative content we have made for our customers. Working with Madeleine on the photography helped us to reach past our inner creative circles and comfort zone to collaborate with a wealth of new talent who challenged the way we think. The results of which helped us to forge new and fresh approaches to our photographic output not just inside the magazine but across all our platforms.

Guy Merrill, Global Head of Art, 
Getty Images
Working with StudioMM was a pleasure. They not only have great ideas, but they clearly do their homework. They made sure to understand our content and our challenges – and they were genuinely collaborative in their approach to design. We are really proud of the work we did together – the Creative in Focus book as well as the exhibition. They created a rare opportunity for us to showcase our photographers and filmmakers in a truly innovative and inspirational way.