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Voluntary Services Overseas is an international development charity. They work in 23 countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Celebrating its 60th birthday in 2018 we were commissioned by Smoke Creatives to create a series of films to positively reinforce the work they do. 

 The narrative we created shows the positivity of the people and the culture. Feeling that audiences had become desensitised to images of poverty we chose instead to celebrate the ambition of the people VSO support. 

Almost 50% of Zambia's population are under 14 years old. But opportunities for young people are limited. VSO supported the three young people featured to achieve their ambitions of running their own businesses. We asked them what their ambitions were, not just for themselves but for Zambia as a country and if they were proud of their achievements. The story positively shows how supporting young people can give them the tools to help themselves. 

Niyonsaba Brown was diagnosed as deaf as a small child. She spent her schooling only able to communicate through written notes as the teachers were unable to interact with her. She learnt to sign, attained a degree and now teaches others sign language, so they can achieve their goals.