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Getty Images is the world’s largest photography agency. Every year it analyses 1 billion searches and 400 million imagery downloads, studies advertising trends and examines pop culture shifts to predict three defining visual trends of that year. 

We delivered a connected body of creative collaborating with Getty in both London and New York - across print, digital and live experience - to showcase the year of Getty Images Creative and the launch of the 2018 visual trends.

Each new trend had previously been titled with an unfamiliar term. In order to make trends more accessible we numbered them. We collaborated closely with the team to put together a new structure for the magazine, mico-site and exhibition. We controlled the pace of each medium with editorial sections defined by paper stocks, film and motion. 
Visual Trends site

We contextualised Getty’s data with newsworthy hooks - how an unlikely election in France and an unfortunate election in the US affects image searches.  

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