CNC (Chinese News Network Corporation)

Creative direction. Branding. Strategy. 

Advertising. Broadcast. Wayfinding. 

Xinhua is the largest of China’s state news media organisations, and the Chinese News Network Corporation (CNC) is its 24-hour news channel broadcasting in both Chinese and English to 200 countries. Partnering with Moving Brands we delivered a comprehensive on and off air rebrand.

Our brief was to create a brand that would appeal to a greater number of Western viewers and encourage them to engage with CNC.

We considered why a Western audience would be attracted to watch a Chinese news channel. News channels and brands often offer the whole story, or a complete perspective on the news. The strategy we developed for CNC was to offer a Western audience the opportunity to ‘Complete your picture’ on the global news agenda. Bringing together different perspectives from news organisations around the world like CNN and the BBC, Western viewers can complete their understanding by watching CNC. The strategy went on to form the creative direction for the rebrand. 

CNC is the point where Eastern views meet a Western audience. The logo symbolises the intersection of cultures and languages, views and events. The ‘N’, the logo’s centrepoint, is split in two by a 45° angle. The angle expresses two sides coming together to complete your picture on the global news agenda.

Brand DNA
The 45° angle underpins the whole brand from ‘N’ in the logo to the grid, which works on and off air, from billboards to business cards. The angle represents the two views coming together in equal harmony and importance. Its forward momentum represents the exploration and energy of CNC. The imagery shows two contrasting views coming together on the same subject.

Colour System
CNC uses dark blue as its core colour. Dark blue stands for authority, knowledge, integrity and trust. To allow for a flexible system we chose an initial set of complementary colours for different news sections and programming.


Custom Typography

We worked with Sharp Type to introduce the 45° angles into Sharp sans to create a unique version for CNC. CNC Sharp Sans is modern and neutral, suitable for a global news organisation, able to break news and report on cultural events with authority.