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The photography direction in Avaunt magazine celebrates adventure. The shoots were ambitious and often in challenging locations. We produced and art directed award-winning photography using our huge network of photographic talent across the globe. 

This shoot involved taking a disused swimming pool and working with street-art specialists to install an anamorphic tennis court using 2.5km of blue gaffer tape. 

The peculiarity of anamorphosis is that the intended image can only be viewed properly from a single point, and looking at it from anywhere else gives a distorted perspective. This image captures what appears to be an abstract installation of tape which, when viewed from the right place, actually depicts a straight line. 

Photography: Joseph Ford

Combat kit of the British Army. In a situation where there are mass casualties the injured are labelled in order to prioritise care to those who need it most. 

T1 - urgent surgical intervention, T2 - urgent but non-life threatening injuries, T3 - walking wounded, Dead - for those who have already died.

Creative Review photography awards 1 / 2 
Portrait of Britain
Association of Photographers
Society of Publication Designers - Entire issue
Society of Publication Designers - Photographic front cover

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