CNN #AsEquals

Creative direction. Naming. Identity.
Digital. Social. Mobile. is one of the world’s most visited news sites with 109 million unique visitors a month. We partnered with CNN to name, brand, art direct & launch a project funded by the European Journalism Centre dedicated to covering gender inequality by focusing on women in the world’s least developed countries.

To bring about change it had to be read and shared by men and women. We chose a name that talked to everyone. We felt equality as a word is worthy but a turn-off. We started using an equals sign to say equality.

The project is already having some effect - an article about a woman who was stripped and shamed by police officers in Malawi was republished by local press and prompted a wider discussion around sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the country. Another on child marriages in Yemen was recently quoted in the UK parliament.
Press: Creative Review

We chose a colour palette that was hopeful, gender neutral and bright. We avoided pinks, purples and pastels as we thought it might patronise a female audience and alienate a male one.

We used the unequal and equal sign to create simple mobile-first infographics.